Introducing ZINC token

Our first and most important goal is to deliver long term value to those in the network.

ZINC token is an ERC20 token, compatible will all ERC20 wallets.

Contract address: 0x4aac461c86abfa71e9d00d9a2cde8d74e4e1aeea
Information iconZINC is the new name for CVT • Read more

Exchange availability

Zinc tokens are redeemable for services on the Zinc platform. The Zinc token is a cryptoasset which is inherently volatile, hence there are no guarantees over the services which can be redeemed. Zinc tokens do not indicate a stake in the UK Ltd company - Zinc.

Token usages

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Aptitude & attitude reports

Zinc is the primary payment method for companies who wish to screen prospective workers through the referencing & feedback peer to peer proofing dApp.

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Anonymous hiring network

Workers get paid for sharing skills data. Companies will use ZINC to contact workers in the network. Workers can earn ZINC by sharing their Zinc profile.

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Decentralised identity

World’s first opportunity to create an ERC725 individual identity contract. Acting as your universal decentralised ID, for your Zinc ID and other identity claims you wish to hold live on the mainnet.

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Voting rights

Anyone who has a stake in Zinc has an influence in all decisions governed by the Zinc foundation.



Fixed total supply


Circulating supply Read more

50% funding

~10ETH contributions



Coinception events


Team & advisors


Zinc foundation


Bounties & incentives

Zinc's diverse community

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Zinc successfully raised $2.89M.

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Contributions came from 80+ countries around the world.

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Over 45% of the funds raised came from those who contributed less than 10ETH.

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Contributions were made in the presale $0.78, Tier 1 $0.91 and Tier 2 $0.98.


Decentralised governance on milestones give contributors partial refunds if Zinc doesn’t reach project milestones, enhancing security for contributors. We believe in long term commitments with no high pressure tactics. This funding model brings credibility, trust and democracy to cryptofunding.


We will hold 2 further Coinception events if all milestones from the previous sale are reached, prospectively they could be annual events. The Zinc community will govern consensus of reaching these milestones. The project will sell 60% of the total distribution of ZINC tokens over three events, if these events are reached.


Held February 2018


Prospectively January 2019


Prospectively January 2020